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18x12x14 - $19.50

24x18x19 - $30.50

30x19x21 - $40.50

36x23x25 - $55.75

42x28x30 - $76.50

48x30x33 - $94.25

Dogs Need To Chew It is in their DNA. Our job is to provide them with natural dog chews designed to satisfy that craving. Chewing on natural products can clean teeth and help with tarter build up.

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The Leash Connection

4414 Augusta Rd.

Lexington, South Carolina 29073

Space J-11 & J-12


Discount Dog Supplies Lexington SC.

The Leash Connection Lexington South Carolina

The Leash Connection offers discount dog supplies in Lexington South Carolina located at The Barnyard Flea Market for the favorite canines in your life. Experience as a supply vendor at dog shows and years of competition obedience, the owner now shares his expertise with individual pet owners and professionals. Involved with dogs for over 37 years has lead to the variety of dog grooming supplies and dog training products found at the store.

Shopping for great products is not the only thing at The Leash Connection.  Feel free to ask about training or behavior issues with your dogs.

We strive to make shopping at The Leash Connection fun and easy. Your comments are always welcome.

Thank you for visiting.

Carmen Martinez

The Leash Connection is located at 4414 Augusta Rd. Lexington, South Carolina 29073

Space J-11 & J-12 in The Barnyard Flea Market.

Hours: Saturday & Sunday

9:00 am til 4:00 pm


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