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Puppy Attention (The First Step)

Now let's teach our puppy the Command READY. You can use any word you want but pick a word and stick with that word. You can teach this game on leash or off leash, but if you teach this off leash and after some success work on it on leash also after your puppy is comfortable with his leash. Dog attention is probably 80% of the battle in training a dog. We are going to teach your puppy to look at you when he hears the command Ready. When you teach Ready you will need a hot dog cut into small pieces about the size of your pinky nail. If you are going to use food as a motivator your puppy needs to be HUNGRY.

 1. Before we start training Ready take your puppy out for a potty break.

 2. First we must teach the Food Magnet game with your puppy. Now with a piece of hot dog in your hand put it in front of the puppies nose and slowly move your hand to the right and see if your puppy follows your hand. If he takes two or three steps following your hand give him the hot dog and praise. Now do the same thing moving your hand to the left. All we are doing is making sure that the puppy will follow your hand to get the food.
This game should only take a couple of minutes to teach.

 3. Remember we are in the teaching phase of Ready so the command comes after we get the action of Ready which is to look up at you. Now with a piece of food in our hand put it in front of the puppies nose and slowly bring your hand out a little and up and when your puppy looks up give the command Ready and give the puppy the hot dog and praise. Do this 7 or 8 times and end the training session with praise. Quit your puppy before he quits you. Leave him wanting more. Take your puppy out for a potty break. I like hot dogs for this instead of crunchy treats they take to long to eat while training.

After 4-5 days of training Ready as described above let’s see if your puppy can move to the next level which is to have food in your hand and with your puppy on leash in front of you command Ready and see if your puppy looks up at you. If he does,  give him the hot dog and praise. If he doesn’t,  go back and train more on the first lesson with the food in front of his nose.

 What are some things that could go wrong?

1. Your puppy might jump up to get the food – Do not give the puppy the hot dog if he is jumping or walking on his rear legs. Take a step or two back and he should quit.  If this continues to be a problem,  train the command Off (No Jumping) this command is in the 5 Commands Your Dog Should Know article.

 2. Your puppy could SIT – If your puppy tries to sit bring the food out a little more from his nose and then up toward you body or take a step or two back.

 Work on this command 2-3 times a day, it might not seem like it but this is a very important command to work on. Dog attention is a trained response not a natural response.

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