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Rules For Training Your Dog

1. Equipment Used:

Use a 6 ft. leash of leather, cotton, or nylon. I prefer leather. For small dogs, use a 1/2” wide leash. For larger dogs, use at least a 3/4” wide leash. For a collar, we use a slip collar or choke chain. To make sure the collar fits properly, measure your dog’s neck just behind the ears and add 3”. This will give you the proper size. To put the collar on correctly, make the collar into a shape like the letter “P”, and with the dog in front of you, slip it over his head. Use a pinch or prong collar
if the slip collar proves ineffective.

2. The Three Voices of Dog Training: 
PRAISE - a high-pitch tone to keep your dog focused on you and let him know he is doing well.
COMMAND - a normal speaking tone to tell your dog a certain action. 
NO - a low-pitch, deep tone that tells your dog to STOP what he is doing. Does not mean “I am going to hurt the dog”, just means stop an action. 

3. What is a Correction:

A correction is a quick pop and release on the leash, not a pull. It is IMPORTANT to use only the amount of force necessary to achieve the proper response to your command. When I say “the amount of force necessary”, I mean to start at a light correction and increase the correction to proper level that gets the response that I am looking for. We do not punish dogs for being wrong, we just correct them. Your dog understands a correction when it is quick and to the point, and then praised for obeying the command you gave. Unlike a correction, a punishment is long-term and abstract to a dog, so this is why we NEVER PUNISH a dog.

4. Correct Use of Praise:

How you praise your dog should depend on how your dog acts. If you have a low-key dog, you will be giving lots of excited praise when he is responding properly to your command. If you have a high-energy dog you will be using calm praise to keep him under control while you are working. Praise MUST be sincere towards your dog. When praising your dog, talk to him not at him. Praise is the best way to communicate with your dog. Make your dog work for your praise.

5. How Long Do I Train:

A training session should not be more than 20 minutes. Know what commands you are going to work on before starting each session. You can do more than one session a day, but give your dog at least an hour break in between sessions.

6. The Two Types of Exercises:

Non-moving exercises consist of sit, down, and stay. Moving exercises are heeling and coming when called. When correcting during a non-moving exercise, the correction is followed with “NO”, and a repeat of the command. When correcting during a moving exercise, the correction is followed by praise to keep the dog focused on you. NEVER say “NO” when correcting a moving exercise –the dog will think he is doing wrong.

7. How A Dog Learns:

Dogs learn by repetition – doing the same thing over and over. Therefore, you must do the SAME action over and over consistently when training. We have all heard the saying “practice makes perfect”…I believe in “perfect practice makes perfect”. Dogs learn by distinguishing between being comfortable versus uncomfortable. Your dog will learn it is more comfortable to do the command when asked than receive a correction.

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