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Remote Dog Training Collar

Why Train With A Remote Training Collar

   Reliable off leash recalls
   To leave things alone (food on counters, garbage cans, other dogs, cats or livestock)
   No jumping on people
   Sit and down stays off leash
   Stop trash barking

It is amazing when people come for a private lesson and I ask " What are the commands you want your dog to do?"
The top three answers are:
Coming when called -off leash (Recall)
No jumping on people (Off)
Leave things alone when told (Leave it)

With a remote training collar you can have all three of these basic commands in 7-10 days. Can you imagine your dog coming off leash the first time you call him, even if he is distracted!!

Remote training collars are not magic wands. There IS training that must be done so your dog will understand the collar. We send printed lessons with each collar to help you train also. You cannot put a remote collar on a dog and start "zapping", you will not succeed! I can't stress this enough...follow training steps so your dog understands what is expected of him. Your dog may know the commands but he does not understand how to put the command together with the collar stimulation. While we talk about collars being a great way to have off leash control, initial training is done ON leash with a remote collar till the dog understands what is expected of him.

I think when people imagine working with a remote collar, the first thing that comes to mind is "I don't want to electrocute him!" or "it will cause nerve damage" or "it will change the dogs personality"...all false! People who say using a remote collar is cruel are people who have never used a collar or have never seen a dog trained PROPERLY with a remote collar. Customers are amazed when they see our dogs working. They are all collar trained and are very happy dogs...sometimes too happy!!
Our dogs have lots of play time and receive lots of praise when they do things right! They also know when a command is given it means to do something and they comply...not out of fear but because they were TAUGHT what the command meant.

We know more than 675 people who have trained their dogs with remote collars. These are not all professionals, most are everyday people who want to enjoy living with their dog. Once you have off leash control, you and your dog start having more fun!

The major change with remote collars has been the technology to allow for multi levels of stimulation. The old days of one level (high!) are gone. You need only give enough stimulation necessary for your dog to comply to a command and not overwhelm him.
Just remember to think of remote collars as a POSITIVE training tool. Yes, it corrects bad behavior but it is also used to reinforce all obedience commands.

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