Come When Called (The First Step)

Off Leash Puppy Recall (Come When Called) – To teach this game you will need two people, some cut up hot dogs (cut into small pieces about the size of your pinky nail.) and a hungry puppy. If you are going to use food as a motivator your puppy needs to be HUNGRY.

Person 1 will hold the puppy while squatting down and holding the puppy around his body behind his front legs with his rear toward you and head pointed outward to the person 2.

 Person 2 has a few pieces of hot dog in their hand. Now person 2 approaches the puppy and bending over and showing the puppy the food (Don’t give the hot dog just yet) now with your praise voice get the puppy excited (hey puppy puppy), now person 2 moves back about 5-6 feet while squatting down calls the puppies name (Spot Come). Person 1 now let’s the puppy go running to person 2, now the puppy gets the hot dog and praise and the crowd goes wild. Now take the puppy back to person 1 and repeat recall game. Do this 7-10 times and quit.

 After 1 or 2 sessions your puppy is coming out of his skin trying to get to person 2. Now it is time to change the rules. Both people should now have a few pieces of food in their hand. We are now going teach the puppy to play the recall game going back and forth between person 1 and person 2 without having to approach the puppy or backing up. Start at your normal distance of 5-6 feet, after a few recalls start putting more distance between the two of you. Build the distance slowly one foot at a time. The recall part is way more important than the distance at first.

 Now that your puppy can do recalls between two people try and add a third person to the game (all of the people have food)

 If at any time your puppy get confused back up to the step that your puppy was successful so you can start building back his confidence.

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