Dogs Need To Chew It is in their DNA. Our job is to provide them with natural dog chews designed to satisfy that craving. Chewing on natural products can clean teeth and help with tarter build up.

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5 Commands That Your Dog Should Know

With these 5 basic commands you will start getting more control over your dog and better dog attention.

Off Leash Recall Lesson - Teach your dog to come to you off leash under distractions.

Attention Training

Dog attention solves about 80% of all dog problems. This article is a more advanced lesson, so have some basic commands before attempting this article.

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Puppy Training

Ready - The start of dog attention

Come When Called - Off leash puppy recall

Leash Training - Introducing the  leash

Play Retrieve - Teaching a puppy retrieve

Avoid Dog Bites

A few helpful hints to avoid dog bites.

My Training Rules

When Knowledge ends Frustration begins.

Correct as light as possible but as firm as necessary.

Be a leader not a follower.

Train don't complain.

When training animals it is always a little ugly before it gets pretty.

In the words of Jim Morrison of The Doors "You Got To Walk on Through To The Other Side".

Training Equipment (Coming Soon)

Who Is Training Who ?

Some of the tricks dogs will try when you first start training.  Be prepared so you do not become frustrated with their antics and you quit the training session.

Crate Training Your Puppy

Learn to housebreak your puppy by using a crate. Learn the key signs when a puppy has to go outside for a potty break. Learn about putting your puppy on a schedule.

Rules For Training Your Dog

Please read this article before doing any training with your dog. It will help you understand how your dog thinks and learns.

Remote Collar Training

The best way to get off leash control with your dog. A remote training collar is NOT A MAGIC WAND, there is still training to do with your dog.

Training Tip Of The Month

Each month a new training tip to help you have better leadership skills with your dog.

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Dog Training Articles Want More Control Of Your Dog? Then You Need To Read These Easy To Teach Commands.

Easy - No pulling on the leash
Wait - Wait at doors
Leave It - Come away from objects
Off - No Jumping
Recall - Respond to name

Dog Training Articles

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