The Leash Connection is your store for wholesale dog supplies in Columbia and Lexington South Carolina. From bowls, leashes, supplements, and training equipment, to grooming supplies like shampoos and conditioners, we have what you need to keep your canine friend happy and healthy. With over three decades of dog training and dog show experience, we know what it takes to train, groom, and show dogs, and carry a great selection of puppy products.

Our inventory includes:
Dog Bowls
Dog Collars & Leashes

Dog Crates & Carriers
Grooming and Health Products
Training Supplies
Treats, Rawhide, Natural Bones,

Buffalo Ears, Cow Ears & Pig Ears

We offer dog supplies at prices that are hard to beat, including wholesale dog supplies! If you have any questions or need help give us a call at 864-389-4407. We’re happy to help!

Attention Music Lovers !!    At our store we also have guitars and accessories. Strings, capos, tuners, guitar straps and stands, picks, music stands and more.  Strings by Martin, Elixir, Fender, D'Addatio, Ernie Ball. Check out ourguitar links page for beginner lessons, songs, how to lessons and music theory.

Wholesale Dog Supplies in Columbia

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The Leash Connection is located at 4414 Augusta Rd. Lexington, South Carolina 29073

Space J-11 & J-12 in The Barnyard Flea Market.

Hours: Saturday & Sunday

9:00 am til 4:00 pm


18x12x14 - $19.50

24x18x19 - $30.50

30x19x21 - $40.50

36x23x25 - $55.75

42x28x30 - $76.50

48x30x33 - $94.25

Dogs Need To Chew It is in their DNA. Our job is to provide them with natural dog chews designed to satisfy that craving. Chewing on natural products can clean teeth and help with tarter build up.

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Great Savings On Dog Crates

The Leash Connection

4414 Augusta Rd.

Lexington, South Carolina 29073

Space J-11 & J-12


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